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  • a-riisa:

    Polka-Dotted Sweaters

    Cute Harajuku | Promocode : ‘a-riisa’ | 10% off

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  • "If you suffer it is because of you. If you feel blissful it is because of you. Nobody else is responsible, only you and you alone. You are your hell, and your heaven, too."
  • oucu:


    Package design for “Norikko,” a dish made by the local women on the Seto Inland Sea island of Ieshima. The dish consists of nori (dried seaweed) that is boiled in sweetened soy sauce. The black and white composition is designed to intuitively convey the notion of black Norikko on white rice.

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  • ikeapunx:

    muji spice book

    Traveling with your spice rack is not ideal. This is why Japanese company, Muji, has made a book of spices to make flavoring your food while away from home a little bit easier.

    This book from Muji is full of pages that are made of spiced paper, which dissolve from the heat and moisture of cooking. Now that kick of white pepper or red chili is just a tear away. And, since it is compact and perfectly portable, the Muji spice book is ideal for when you’re traveling!

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  • tokyo-fashion:

    Shari and Hinako are two beauty school students we met in Harajuku. Shari is wearing a Spinns unicorn shirt with acid wash jeans, creepers, and a WEGO “Pajama Party” bag. Hinako is wearing a “Malibu” talk top with a WEGO skirt and Spinns quilted slip-ons.

  • kimononagoya:

    An uncommon color for hakama rental.

    This mossy green with burgundy looks very suave and adult, but most graduating girls (especially in Nagoya) go for gigantic, bold flowers and hakama with embroidered decoration at the hem.

    In Western sensibility, red and green are opposing colors. In kimono color matching, they are a common pair (particularly this burgundy). The pink eri with the light green is THE kimono color set (light pink and light green for spring). 

    Rental from “Isyou-nb” store.